No playing for us today

One of us is sick, so sadly we won‘t be able to play at Barco Liberado today. Sorry folks.

weekend + some information

What a great weekend!

Lots of love to all the people involved in making the gigs happen. Special love to our new (and a bit older) friends in ksilema and slabak for taking us with you in your bus really nice company and lovely exchange of presents! Hope you made it safe back home and hopefully see you again soon.

Thanks to our friends in scooter kids must die for taking us with you in your bus and hanging out with us with your charming presence.

Some General Information, because people don‘t get this often: The singing/bass person of us is not a cis guy. Sorry, to mention that here and not always face to face, but explaining things is annoying and boring when you’re already busy with playing live and having fun and are being a social awkward person anyways. Imagine spending time regularly on explaining people your gender identity next to concentrate on your live set, meeting new people and all the other stuff you have to do during gigs. There is not always time, energy and a state of mind that feels sober enough to have that conversation in a way that feels fine for everyone.

Feel free to teach yourself about nonbinary trans identities for example here.

no offense, just some information.


Weekend Gigs

Computer-keyboard broken, no big writing here.

Come and talk to us instead here:

[27.10.2017] Buntes Haus Celle with Scooter Kids Must Die, Schöne Scheissse and Notgemeinschaft Peter Pan
[28.10.2017] Rote Insel Berlin with Slabak und ksilema
[29.10.2017] Rote Flora Hamburg with Slabak und ksilema


New Track


check out a new track of us, on the soundcloud of the person recording us:


5 Minuten ohne Kopf


due to health issues we won‘t be playing at 5 Minuten ohne Kopf this weekend. But we will soon be recovering and new things will be happening. Meanwhile one of our solo projects will be jumping in for us broken ambiente

Also our own little label Forwst records will be releasing the new Orängättäng LP. Yay!