spontanious weekender done

We had an awesome Weekend!

On Friday we travelled to Celle to play with our friends Meister Splinter and watch them the first time with their new members. Hee, also our Fight the Cistem Stickers seemed to have started some interesting arguments that evening. We like that. It’s not always about having the same opinion but about finding out about and gently discussing different opinions. Yeah!

Later that night our friends of Loser Youth called to ask us to spontaniously go to bremen the next day to fill in for them at the Fat and Angry release show there. Of course we did. Bremen bands once again proofed to be incredibly nice people. So together with our friends of Monotrop and Scare Tactic we have another band we like a lot personally and musically there. Always great to find new people with shared interests. See you soon again hopefully! Have to also mention it: The Kulturbunker is one of the greatest places to be. Nothing like sitting in a reconstructed bunker high above the ground and watch a thunderstorm warm and safely from the inside while having a nice rum-cola.

Said it both evenings before we played but want to repeat it: Without all the people that use their free time to set up the shows and help out the evening for nothing but the fun of it, this all would not be possible. Bands like us wouldn‘t have places to play. So very warm thanks to all the poeple who made the shows happen and also everyone that showed up there. It’s appreciated a lot!

We‘re recreating our bodies now from carrying our amps around :-) Next stop rote flora again to play the kapot release show.


Happy Release Day Kapot

Hey Hey,

our friends of Kapot have their first Album released today. Great 80s Style Hardcore Punk with smart lyrics.

Get it here:


We <3 burning cars

[18.03.2017] Flora

Check out the flyer guitar made for the gig on saturday

[11.03.2017] Molotow


we‘re playing Molotow this Saturday together with our friends Orängättäng and their incest family members Thrashing Pumpguns.

Up the PC-Cunts! (like us)